Sep 14, 2011

The Heart alone, is The Real Home

In life, we all look for a place where we carry sense of belonging. It's a home that we are really looking for.
To be in your home, is to feel comfortable and safe, but a home itself is hard to define simply because it differs from one person to another. A home could be a country for some, what they do for others, while for few; it’s the person they love.

For me, a real home is the heart. For the heart decides what and where the home is. There are people with feeling of "love" for their country, people with feeling of "love” for where they live or what they do. And people with the feeling of "love" for their lovers. But, to love your country, the place where you live, the thing you are passionate about doing, and the person you love, you have to have the feeling first. The feeling is the love you will carry in your "heart".

Therefore, no home is a real home, unless love is involved, unless the heart decides.
The vaguest, yet beautiful fact is when a person becomes the home itself! Many experience the feeling, while others resist it. It's strange, yet a true fact.

It's amazing when the two lovers carry the same feelings for each other. Their hearts become their home. At least, this is what I believe.

Since I am a woman, they say women are emotional. I guess it's true. Whatever I do, I have to love it first and once I loved it, I feel like I belong to it. This is why I have considered my heart my home. I follow it no matter what, even though a lot of times it leads me to tough paths.

There were times I had to fight alone in order to get or to do something I want. Following heart is never easy, but I know regardless of difficulties I will face, I will never stop following it. I know it will never lie to me because even in times of difficulties; there are lessons to be learned through the heart.

Sometimes the image of the “home” gets distorted by the heart. I have seen people who have fallen in love and were broken! Though it may seem awkward, but I have always felt their pain. Broken hearts are often homeless!
But even supposing the person you love may not carry the same feelings for you. That’s to love, but not to be loved in return or to be broken, that does not change the fact that the home has already been defined by the heart. Only I believe even when the heart is broken, even when the home is gone there will come a day again when it will be whole again and then new home will be defined.

I know life and fate might separate us from the people and the things we love, but as long as we consider our “heart” as our “home” no time or distance will part us from them.

And for me, it doesn't matter where I go or what will happen to me in my life, even in the land of strangers and far across the borders, I know I will always be "home" and all the people and the things I love, I will keep them with me.

This article was written in October 6, 2010.

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