Sep 14, 2011

My Little Friends In My Univeristy

I promised to blog about my little friends from the orphanage in my university, and here I keep my promise! :)
It was last Thursday 28, 2011 when we invited 30 of them to our university. It was a memorable day; they all brought joy, innocence, beauty to out university. I’m looking forward to see them in UKH more often.
This is how I started my day;

I went to university early in the morning, ready to meet my little buddies.  So what I did first in the morning is going for shopping (bazaar) with two other fiends, Helen and David. We had to go and buy paints for face-painting plus pen and paper for drawing.

Coming back to university, we rash out for preparations like wrapping the gifts, preparing our cafeteria to welcome the kids and playing music for them. To be honest, I felt like I was going back to the times when I was in the primary school, it felt really good.

A few students and I welcomed the kids at the university gate. Of course like all times, the kids jumped to embrace us. Daroon was the first one I welcomed. I don’t know why but I feel Daroon and I have a really good connection together as if she was someone really close to me, her big smile always brings a smile to me.

The best part of that day was face-painting. We all had so much fun with it, we were painting on each others face without caring about how we are going to look later. It seemed to me as a small Festival, from my four years of university, I never had that much of fun in my life! Of course, we all were looking so ugly, but we didn't really care about all that.

And then we played (Habwri bwri) a kind of game I used to play when I was little. In this this game, we all hold each others hand, making one big circle. Then we walk in circle and start singing about each one participating in the game and every time a person's name is been mentioned in the song, that one will have to turn her/his back and we go through the circle again. It was really special to play childhood games with those little kids.

I decided this time to let the pictures talk more, so I have provided more photos. I guess so far I have said a lot about those kids.

They should be role models for all of us.These people are homeless, they don't have a place where they can it, a real "home", a place where they could find the love of a mother, and the support of a father! And I doubt they will ever find one. They are the ones who carry dreams in their heart. The ones who keep their dreams alive through their hopes.To me they are more than just kids, they are young women and men in the body of a child.

While wrapping the gifts.
A smile :) for the kids.
Everyone is busy with face-painting, now you know why I call it a small Festival.
The kids drawing. See his look, he is in a different world!
Daroon, I painted on her face, it's a butterfly.
He looks brave.
We were siting in the University Garden, singing with the kids
Playing (Habwri bwri).
Our last photo with them, before they leave back to the Orphanage.

This article was written in May 6, 2011. 

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