Sep 14, 2011

Old in Age but Young in Heart

Life is a process of endless struggles, fights, endless pains that take over our hearts as we grow older.
Each one of us experience life in different ways. Even though understanding life seems almost impossible for us; however, the more we grow old the closer step we take in order to understand life. Despite all the pains we face while taking our journeys in life, some of us are born with the gift of accepting of whatever life brings. Hence, those people are the ones who take life with an enthusiastic spirit. For them age remains only a number and the heart alone judges how old or young one can be.

This is what I have witnessed as I and a couple of my friends visited Baxi Shar (a place nearby Bazar where old men usually meet and discuss variety of issues together).
March 4, 2010 was the day when I had the privilege to meet a couple of gentlemen and have the pleasure of talking to them about their lives.

Entering Baxi Shar where all those men sitting in groups, drinking tea and staring at us I admit I was feeling awkward and a bit shy to approach them and talk to them. For them it was the first time a group of young women visit them. Soon after sitting with a couple of them, we were able to build a bridge between us and walk the distance. We spend two most informative and pleasant hours with them and talked about variety of issues in Kurdistan and the rest of the world.

We talked about the times when Saddam Hussein was ruling Kurdistan. We talked about the beauty of knowledge and the power of love. We talked about all the struggles and fights we have to take in order to achieve our dreams in life. We talked about Art, Music, theater and so many other beautiful and interesting things!

For me, those men were not just simple men. They carried in their heart power of love for their family and friends and their land. They way they were talking about each others' talent amazed me. One of them was writing poetry another musician, an actor and so on.

Looking at them, I could see the bravery of fighters and the strength of young men. Life for them was more than just struggle; life was bunch of different colors. The spirit of young men was still in their soul. Growing old never stopped them from living life. "Life isn’t just about existing," as they were saying, "it is about living regardless to age." and indeed life is all about living it. 

Bewar & I while talking to a group of gentlemen in Baxi Shar

Photo by Sazan Mandalawi.

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