Sep 14, 2011

Smile & Let the Whole World wonder How

A little girl with her one year old sister and brother begging in 30 meter avenue in Erbil.

April 19, 2010 was a sunny and shining day. Around 3:00 pm and those kids were begging!

Looking at them, I admit I had a strong feeling of sympathy. I wondered why do people bring children to this worlds when they can not afford their most basic needs such as education, a proper meal and clothes?!
Smile & let the whole world wonder how!

I had the chance to talk to the older daughter when she was holing on my university's gate! From her curiosity, she seemed to be a very smart girl to me, yet her parents took her and her brother out from school a year ago! She asked so many questions about my university, what do I study, how do I spend my day and so on.
She told me she came to that street for begging with her one year old sister, brother, and her Mother.
Looking at her big smile I wondered about how she might feel as a little girl living in a tough world! "How can she survive" is something I still wonder about. Despite all that, with the smile on her face, no real pain revealed itself.

I realized so as to stop people around me from asking why, I better smile. Sometimes we are just not able to express how we feel. After all from our smile we give so much strength to the people around us, yet we let the whole world wonder how.

This article was written in July 19, 2010.

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