Sep 14, 2011

Through Their Eyes, I See My Own World

It’s been a while since I have shared anything here. I have been so busy recently, but the thing is somehow life is playing hard on me these days.

I guess, we all go through tough times in life, I can’t really deny that, but sometimes life gets really tough, tougher than the strength we have to handle some circumstances.

Now one thing about me is, whenever I’m really feeling sad, I have that one special place I resort to, the Orphanage.

I have said it before, the orphanage is where I really feel like I belong to. Not that I hate my family or I’m poorly treated, it’s just I have always felt that I’m part of the orphan community. I guess we all somehow belong to a place along our home. They say, the dreams you carry within your heart, determine where you really belong to and I believe in that.

I have found myself long ago among my little friends in the orphanage (not that they are all little, some of them are in my age, but I like calling them my little friends). Now I’m going to reveal one of my biggest  dreams to you. I’m dreaming of having an organization, where I can hold all the needy people in all sorts without considering their gender, age, race, etc. I have been in so many places where they hold orphans and needy people, I have talked to them, I have made friends with them and I know how lonely those people are.

I’m not saying that all organizations we have in Kurdistan are poorly treating those people, but it’s just I know they are pretty careless to pay serious attention to them.

A lot of times, I sit with myself and think about life. I often ask myself how much does it take, if people cared a little more about those little kids and visited them every now and then?  My point is, we may not all have enough money to help those kids, but at least we do have love to give.

From my experience with them, which started three years ago, I know those kids need love, care, and encouragement more than anything else in the world.

I usually go there with my friends in my university, we are a group of people, I want to mention their names because each one of them have had their roles in offering help to those kids, they are Bewar, Sazan, Shko, Savi, and many other friends as well.

We have been in the orphanage together so many times, and those times are the best times of my life, I won’t forget them.

I don’t know why, but every time I’m sad, I feel like I need to visit those kids. So this time, I decided to go alone. I was really sad in the past days; I felt like I really need to go and see them so I woke up early in the morning, took with me some candies and chocolate and headed to the orphanage. Of course the first reaction I received there was, the little kids, (this time I mean really little ones, two years old kids) running from distance as they were playing in the yard, to embrace me and kiss me on my chicks.

I felt really good, I spent one hour and a half there, playing with them and we had so much fun.  Well, to be honest, they somehow tortured me with their demands. For example, I was giving candy to one of them and the next thing I found was another one crying for having the same exact sort of Chocolate. So I had to tell stories and make promises so I could stop them from crying before I leave.

Even though, sometimes I forget some of their names, but their face and their cute voices are always in the back on my head. They are many, and sometimes, some of them leave the orphanage and new ones come, but there is a few of them I have been with them since 2008. Daroon is one of them; she is a very cute little girl always smiling. I feel like she is my own daughter.

I’m planning to bring them to my university soon hopefully. I have raised money from my university, we are doing  charity works and I’m going to bring approval from the orphanage soon.  This time, I want to invite them all for lunch. They are about 70, and after lunch, we will spend sometime playing , and hopefully I will try to make a discussion group about awareness and trust with them. I’m planning to divide them into to groups, the group of the girls, which I or someone else will be leading the discussion, and group of the boys, which I will ask one of my male friends to lead the discussion for the boys.

Wish me luck friends, hopefully soon, I will write about this event as well.

You can tell she is very naughty!
A smile, says it all.
Preparing for the photo shots.

Eating Chocolate, yummy!
She was asking for my Sunglasses :)

This article was written in April 16, 2011. 


  1. I miss them. I miss Ala, Isra and the others. Miss them all......

    Ash, you wrote when you are sad you go to visit them, in one of my entries I wrote the exact same words......

    beautifully written and expressed.

  2. Good luck to you with this great job. And post more photes about cuties. I feel great feelings when I see them.