Sep 14, 2011

"UKH" The Place Where My Journey Began

September 19, 2010, was the first day of the new academic year in University of Kurdistan-Hawler (UKH). The feelings were mixed for the students; there were moments of happiness, sadness, anxiety, and etc.

Most of the students were present in UKH. In every corner there were groups of friends sitting and chatting about the summer break,the changes in their lives and so on. Except UKH this time seemed different.
Last year a large number of seniors and Master students graduated. We were like a big family, we all had contact with each other. We still do, but not seeing them around in the campus anymore feels awkward!
Coming to myself, I spent a fine summer break this year, even though I had many troubles on my way, but somehow I made it. The first day of UKH wasn't so exciting for me; I don't know the reason why or may be the reasons why, except I didn't have the same feelings that I had in the past years. I guess I'm just a little disappointed.

Not to forget, I still love UKH. I worked harder than anything else in my life to get into UKH. My Father and the whole family were not happy with the idea of going to UKH. The reason why they didn't want me to get into it was because my average in high school was 93 and at that time, I could attend medical school. My father always wanted me to become a doctor, but I just never thought about becoming a doctor, I don't even like doctors for me they are heartless creatures; this is my only opinion about them (with my respect to some). I love my father a lot, more than he can ever imagine and I would not break his heart no matter what, but the idea of studying Medicine, I just couldn't bear.

I remember when I was in 5th grade which is now class 11 in high school, I saw kak Nechirvan Barzani , the previous KRG prime minister on TV talking about establishing a new university in Erbil, it was UKH that he was talking about.

At that day, I decided to work hard to be accepted in University of Kurdistan-Hawler. Since then, UKH became one of the big dreams for me.

One thing that still surprises me is the dream I had when I was in 6th class (12 Grade) in high school. After the exams were done, I was waiting for my results. One night I had a dream about UKH. In my dream, the principle of my school grabbed my hand and she took me to a place. I was standing on the top of a building with her and below us there were only shining lights. She told me this is UKH, and then she took me to a class where there were many students from boys and girls. "This is your university and these people are going to be your classmates!"  She said. And indeed, I got a very good grade and after a long struggle, I made it into UKH.

In UKH, I made faithful and wonderful friends which I never had before in my life! Having them around me, makes my life special.

Although, I suffered a lot, yet my love for UKH never changed. It's my second home, a place where I feel I belong to and a place where my dreams are.

Note: you might be surprised how much I suffered if you were living with me at the time when I wanted to get into UKH, I promise.

This year is going to be my last year in UKH. It makes me sad when I think about it, but at the same time when I graduate in the future, I will know I have accomplished one of my dreams.

I have learned a lot in UKH so far, from my friends, the staff and the system. Some of the things I learned are positives while others negative and they brought pain to me. But, at the end goods and bad, they all teach us something valuable, a lesson.

I have been part of Students Union in my university; I participated in debates and discussions and exchanged my ideas with my fellows. I have been in different places with my dear friends outside UKH and experienced the feeling of orphans, old people, and needy ones. Besides many other beautiful experiences I had and hoping will still have with my friends.

I will pray and work hard to make this year also worthy. For me happy moments are those when I offer help and hand to people around me and share my happy and sad moments. I'm grateful for all the things I have achieved in UKH and all the friends I have and hoping to graduate "successfully" with my dear friends in 2011.

I dedicate this to UKH, the place where my journey began, I also dedicate it to all the friends I made there, they are too many to count, but they all have their special places in my heart. Wish them all a wonderful year ahead.

University of Kurdsitan-Hawler

This article was written in September 20, 2010.

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