Sep 14, 2011

Visiting the Orphanage for the First Time with UKH Friends

In Majidi Mall buying gifts for the Kids.

Being an orphan without love and the warmth of family is unquestionably the most heart breaking and difficult condition that anyone could go through in this world. As a young girl in Kurdistan, I have always felt responsible to ease some of theirs pains.  Visiting them where they live was the simplest thing I could do for them.

Though I have started visiting Mali Xanda Orphanage since 2008; yet, most of the visit were only me and Bewar together.
This time was different as I and a few friends of mine decided to arrange a day to visit them in group in their home where they call it Mali-Xanda. The first thing we did was raising fund and buying gifts for the children.

Waking up early in the morning and excitingly heading to Majidi mall after collecting enough money by volunteers from different places is  in Hawler was a very sad, yet special experience in my life. Reveen, Bewar, Savina, Naza, Sazan, and I in February 18, 2010 visited the most beautiful and peaceful place my eyes have ever witnessed.
After two hours in Majidi mall, we soon headed to the orphanage. I remember once we entered the living room, the kids jumped out to embrace us with their sweet smiles on their faces then started kissing each one of us, that moment I will never forget.
The kids were amazing. I can not find enough words to describe them completely, but for me Daroon the little girl that I played with most was the one I found myself attached with most. Her image with big smile and wide black eyes is printed in the back of my head. Every time I visit them, I feel like I am in my own home among my little brother and sisters.There isn’t a day passes with out thinking about them.
There are days I just wish if I could do more just a visit. There are days I wake up and wish I could bring them to my home and give them the warmth and love of a real family. Although it’s difficult for me to give my full attention to those kids, yet I know only a visit has already done a lot for them. Every time I go there I can see the joy and excitement in their eyes.  For me those kids aren’t just orphans, they mean more than that; they are a special part of my world.
I know deep inside, I will never let go them. I know no matter where I go I will always remember them and despite the distance between me and them, they are always close to me as they are always in my heart and they shall always be.
Sazan, Reveen, & I while playing with the Kids.
This Article was written in February 18, 2010.

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