Sep 14, 2011

What Women Want?

Have you ever wondered what a woman wants? Why is it that she always complains about everything?
I bet you have.

Well, here I have the clue to all your questions about her. I hope.  :)

I have often discussed this matter with my male friends. Their argument was based on this idea,
” Women don’t know what they want; they just love to ask for more always!”

I remember the times, I heard men saying that women have codes, and once a man finds out about the code of a woman, she will no longer be a mystery to him, and she will be easy to control.

At that time, I didn’t understand what was the message behind it. But now I do.
Here is what they were thinking;

Approach a girl that's hard to get, keep following her as if you were her shadow. Like her, take care of her, pretend to love her, and then she will fall in love with you, and last but not least, leave her. As simple as that.
Guess what, this could be true, not because girls are naive, but rather because they are emotional and because men mostly (not all), tend to misconstrue that.

On this occasion, one day a male friend of mine posted a video on Facebook about a man causing the death of a girl. They were both in trouble due to their families and they decided to commit suicide together because they thought there is no other way out. He told her, he will count until three and then they both shoot themselves. The guy starts counting to three, the girl shoots herself and passes away, while the guy escapes to another location to save his life. This is a true story.

So I commented the following for him;
"Why do men exploit women's emotion sometimes?!" He answered to me, "I have no idea why we do that!" Even he couldn't give me an answer to that question.

This is the saddest fact in life, being emotional in a world where selfishness, aggression, struggle for money rather than human principles are the most welcomed attributes. No wonder that there are endless wars all through the world.

And if you are one of those who think the same way as those guys, then think twice.

I remember; some of my friends were often asking, why do women always defend women? Women are not angels. Well, no one has ever intended to defend women because they were considered angels, but rather because a woman believes this is the right thing to do, to defend the truth.

Have you ever wondered why all over the world, women are the biggest numbers of victims, whether victim of rape, war, hanger, illiteracy, or society as a whole. Have you ever wondered why women are always easier to manipulate than men?

Women were gifted with grace and sensation by God, yet they are still suffering from second class treatment in all societies! Suffering from being emotional beings.

Now, let’s look back and understand why being emotional is easy to manipulate.
A woman looks into life through her heart. She believes that her instincts are guidance from god so that she could move from unknown paths to the land of her dreams.

You will be surprised if you knew that it’s merely one simple dream that she keeps seeking and pursuing. However, in a minute, you will grasp what that simple dream might be.

Human beings need to understand that emotion is the key to peace within them.  Once peace is being uncovered inside, it will be foreseeable to reflect outside, eventually shedding light upon the world.

Glance into the most well known leaders in the world, like Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King; Haven’t they achieved what the rest of the world thought impossible to achieve only by following their instincts?

Prove me wrong if you disagree with me.

The greatest accomplishments come from the heart, always. At least this is what I believe.

Yet, one thing that still has always been ignored is the fact that women are still thought of weak and vulnerable, and hence, they are likely always to be prevented from achievements.
True that, because they are never given the chance to try and when she is given the chance, she is been confronted by a hundred blockades.

Now, let me share with you a story from my childhood, once a friend of mine told me about it that.
I deeply believe in the wisdom behind it and since then, it has stuck in my memory.
The story goes like this;

Once upon time, there was a very noble King. He was in love with a very beautiful woman. All men in his kingdom wished they could win her heart, including the King himself. But she did not love any.
Nobody understood why a beautiful women like her wouldn’t give her heart to no one! The king finally married her, yet she was not happy. He gave her everything one wished to have at that time, still she was unhappy.

That puzzled the king a lot, and made him very depressed and sad that the woman he adored wasn’t contented.
Until one day the king decided to ask her what she wants so she could be happy.
Guess what she answered?

She told him, I want the Freedom of Choice.

Now, you know the answer to your questions as well. It is very simple.
I believe that you can give the whole world to a woman, but only freedom of her own choices that makes a fulfilled human being with honor and self-respect.

There is no doubt that even some women might take heart for granted. But what is important is to understand the value of freedom of choice, and heart it to all with no distinctions.

A woman can have freedom of expression, and freedom of thought, but it is only freedom of choice that discloses the chains of oppression and ill-treatment to the world of creating oneself. Hence,

Put yourself in her shoes,
Limit your choices,
Then judge her.

Photo by Nawroz Sinjary.

This Article was written in July 14, 2011.

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  1. There are many quotes here that I am going to make, and cite you in.... true. very true.