Dec 12, 2011

Another Fallen And Flying Leaf of My Tree

A few weeks ago, while I was outdoor swinging right facing my house, I was looking at the heaven right in front of my eyes. It was the view of the trees, the leaves flying in the air, the cold breeze hitting against my cheeks, the sound of the light thunder, it was the yellow world that I was living in at that day.

Everything seemed so beautiful, looking at my niece and nephew aside playing with my brother’s dog, me just there smiling while taking back in time to myself at their age, knowing after some few weeks, I will say goodbye to another year and welcome a new age.

A coincidence? That we look so much alike! As I stared at the mother trees that day while smoothly allowing the leaves to depart, watching them fly in the air and land miles down the road, once in every year, in every fall. The trees patiently wait for a new season to grow a new born leaf, fresher and stronger. They come back as the same trees, but with new leaves.

We do it differently, but we are similar to those trees. Every year we gather with friends and family to celebrate another passing year, recognizing the need to say farewell to another leaf, another past, and welcome a new future, head to a new destination, close our eyes for a new hope, make a new wish, and probably realize a new dream. Except not all of us fly like those leaves to land in the promising soil as we wish while we blow out the candles. For many of us, life is just a matter of some years to be filled with whatever memoirs.

Those leaves, those years go with no returns. As I was trying to figure out how to make my way down the winding road ahead of my life, I kept telling myself, so what? But that two words, never worked. You cannot define a life with a “so what” , you cannot end your struggles with a “so what” you neither can make any steps forward with a “so what” there is much more into life because.  Those few numbers of the years we have been granted by God, are the most precious gifts we could ever have. They are all rare numbers, they come and go just once in a life time.

At that day, the yellow world, the tiny voices of my adorable niece and nephews, and the bark of the dog they were playing with, all made their little charms in my heart.
There are moments when we are lost and on our own, yet we need to remember there is One, beyond everyone and everything, it's God. Knowing that referring to him in bliss and despair, we will find him in the darkest hours, standing by my us, then, now, and forever.

I have already made my wishes for this year. Now, the time has knocked my door, and I'm going to rehash my life.

On this occasion, I decided this year, to share few of the most beautiful, and loyal birthday wishes from my friends.  :)

Bewar Abdulla;
"Eja Birthdayt hat lo e3trafena mn ! (。♥‿♥。) though words fail me as usual, but I have made handful of confessions on a private hand written letter ... ♥
Happy Birthday my Mada...I'm so so blessed to have such an Amazing person as best friend in my life...Enshallah God will allow us to celebrate many more of your Birthdays...I wish you a life filled with health, light, wonderful moments, great achievements and sweet memories ♥
Can't wait to see you!...♥"

Sazan Mandalawi;
"To a person who will sacrifice in her life for the sake of others happiness, to a person who inspires the best of others and confronts all the challenges of this world to be the best she can be. How happy I am to have you in my life, I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, wish you days of laughter, success, and happiness and may your wishes and dreams come true. ♥ Wish I was with you on a special day like today..."

Nawroz Sinjary;
"Wow, so it's your birthday today, ha?! what a blessed day it is the day You came to life, my beloved friend. This surely is a day that filled the atmosphere with joy and light. A day that the world must celebrate for such amazingly wonderful land spontaneously good person that radiates love and care to all.
Happy Birthday Dear Ash.
May God fill all your days with Love and Joy. ♥"

Hawer Dler;
"Zor Pîroza Roĵî La Daîk Bunt Ashnay Azîz ♥ Xoshbaxt U Serfirazm Ba Bunt U Daxwazm Herdem Sagh U Tendrust Bî….♥ Have a day that you'll remember forever with a smile (: "

Mohammed Qusta
"Special Bday wish, 4 u special friend Ash! May u grow old, may u face nothing but joy n happiness throughout ur life."

Bakhan Karim;
"Kche Ashna gyan, yaxwa taman drezh bet u zhyant har pr bet la xoshy , You Are such a Great person, am Really Lucky and blessed to have u in my life baxwa hich mujamalash nia xow amnasi ;) ;) ♥ ♥ HaPpY HaPpY BiRtHdAy Kubanu bm ♥ ♥ ♥ "

Asma Khalil
"Kche happy happy happy birthday Ashna Gyan  Wish you all the best. Wish your all dreams come true my dearest friend. Inshalah hamu shtek ba dli xot abet ba gawrayi xwa honey."

Lana Mustafa;
"HAPPY Birthday Sweetest Mada I've seen ever
wish every single day in ur new year will be full of happiness, success and achievement. can’t say everything but u mean a lot for me
MISS U & ♥ enjoy ur day darlin"

"Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear ♥ Ashna ♥
Happy Birthday to You.
From good friends and true,
From old friends and new,
May good luck go with you,
And happiness too.
enshalah 100 sal 7aeaty ♥ ♥ muahhhhhhhhh"

Asi Musa
"May the journey of your life be fragrant with new opportunities,
Your days be bright with new hopes and your heart be happy with love..!
May this day bring prosperity, love, happiness and delight in to your life .
Happy Birth Day Ashna Gyan ♥"

Thank you friends & many of whom I haven't mentioned here, for dropping by and making your sincere wishes.

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  1. What can I say....
    It is on your birthday we should celebrate, because an angel was born. We are all proud to have you in our lives, you enlighten, inspire, motivate and encourage every single one of us. You don't realize how you change lives Ashan.. I hope one day you will though.