Jul 13, 2012

And we all walked out with important lessons..

Sitting on the dusty floor at my sister's house, in the kitchen, very tired back from the last day of the workshop, and still writing about this beautiful experience I had at the workshop.

I was supposed to update my blog yesterday, but then I received a call from my sister asking me to go to her house to help her. They are moving to a new house, and so a part of this blog is written while I was at her house, and the other part right now. :)

The workshop started Tuesday 10th of July. It was basically about women empowerment and teaching Multimedia. I was one of the trainers with three other trainers (Kazhal, Bewar, and Salim).

I have participated in many workshops, and every time I walked out, something was left inside me. In every workshop, you learn something new, you meet another activist, you listen to a new story and you come up  with a new idea.

I was very happy to help in teaching around 20 young girls from Salahadeen university about different programs and social networking.

This time, the experience was different, unlike other experiences I had in other workshops.

I have always knew that there are many people in my community with no education about many things, with acknowledgement that education is not merely what we study at school and universities.

In this workshop, I met those who have never heard of the term 'Computer', I met those who have never used E-mail before or had any knowledge about Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, some basic programs we use almost everyday in this modern world.

The workshop was consisting of two sessions, first was teaching soft and hardware programs and how to use social networkings, Like Twitter, Facebook, and teaching them everything they need to know about E-mail.

The second was leadership and keys to success.

The sessions started as the following;

First Day: Since I was sick, I wasn't present at the workshop, but basically our program for them was discussions about leadership run by Bewar & Kazhal.
Bewar, explaining important terms.
Kazhal, leading the discussion.
Second Day: The program was shifted from leadership to Multimedia. We started by creating E-mail for each participants. Then we created Facebook accounts and Twitter for some.
Since I am aware of the problems occurring nowadays because of misuse of social networkings in general and Facebook in particular due to lack of education about them, we were determined to teach them to use it the right way and for the right purpose. I was told horrible stories happened on FB from the participants because of misusing it. I know for the fact that this is a serious problem in Kurdistan and perhaps in many other parts of the world, that a lot of people need to be educated about. 

The session also covered some software programs like Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint. The girls were very happy to learn them for the first time in their lives. 

Salim, while explaining the importance of social networkings.

Kazhal, while explaining PowerPoint presentation 
One of the participants.
Little breaks: you always experience those beautiful moments during each break when you get the chance to talk to the participants and listen to the stories they have to tell.

During the breaks. 
Preparations for a new session.
Third day & the last: We spent the third day teaching some untaught software programs, in addition of explaining something I find tremendously important which is 'Keys to success'.

We discussed the importance of terms like Positive spirit, motivations and efforts, originality and creativity, and time management, things most of us fail to preserve. I enjoyed listening to the different views the girls had about those terms and how to keep them alive.  
Keys to success.
During the last session.
And so I had the pleasure of meeting those young ladies and teaching them things they have never been taught before. I'm very glad that I had the chance to listen to their stories and give them a piece of advice anytime needed to help them with their problems. I take pride in  being part of something new in their lives. I am hoping after this workshop, they will walk out with something valuable, and do great things which I am sure they are capable of. I hope this will be the a first step towards a new trend of their lives.

Special thanks goes to UKH for helping us by all means.

And of course Kazhal, who did more than great in arranging almost everything, and in keeping up with the girls.
Bewar, for making sure that everything was going smooth & inspiring the girls. And Salim, for his patience and dedication in teaching the participants.

Shno, for helping Kazhal with everything, she was also one of the participants.

Naz,  Hilda, & Frmesk, for dedicating their time for the workshop.

And thank you IYLEP for sponsoring & funding the workshop. 

Yes you did it girls!

Certainly after every great occasion, there must be tea time with my loyal friends. That's how I celebrate my success. 

Bewar, Tavga, & I having tea. :)

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