Jul 5, 2012

Together, we walked towards their dreams..

And this is how I spent  4th of July...
Breakfast: Since  as usual I woke up late in the morning and   I was very excited about the trip, I didn't get the chance to have breakfast at home or even make a sandwich for myself. lucky me digging in my bag, I found this biscuit, and it served me just well.  
early in the morning in the car, having my so called "breakfast".

Writing my column: The next move was writing my column for Kurdistan Tribune for the upcoming Sunday.  I was alone in the cafe, which gave me time to think and write peacefully. And of course the writing wouldn't be complete without Tea! :)
Always writing..
The noon:  As I was waiting for Bewat to be prepared so we can join the girls at the orphanage, I thought I should paint something on the white board for Bewar (As I always call her my Mada) very few know what Mada means though. :)

Not so bad right?
At the Orphanage: Yes, finally we were there at the orphanage. We did our best to enjoy the atmosphere before we head to the Erbil International Airport.

Ruwayda, Sazan & the kids. Everyone is waiting for a phone call from EIA
Tea Time: Since I didn't have a proper breakfast, nor lunch, me and Bewar went to Eqbal, a cafe near by the orphanage on Shorsh Street (My favorite street) to have a sandwich and tea while everyone was still at the orphanage waiting. Yes, I was very hungry and so was Bewar.

On the way to EIA: I was very pleased to talk to the kids and how they have felt in the bus before we go to see the planes. And I laughed hard at the funny thoughts from the kids about the plane. True moments..

Some singing national anthem, and some writing "Thank you" letters to the staff in the airport.
Erbil International Airport: Finally, around three we arrived to the airport. We were just a few minutes away from their dream. We shared them moments of happiness inside, and fear. But together we made it. And it was worth it all.

Entering the airport

Looking at the planes outside

In the mini van, heading to the plane.
Together, we walked towards their dream..
And we are going inside! 
And everyone is seated. How cool is that? :)

Everyone is tired. Water!
Yup, we are getting ready back to the orphanage after a wonderful trip to EIA.
Heading back to the orphanage: After the fabulous trip to the EIA, we took moments to reflect on the trip in the  bus. Everyone was tired, but we were all able to share stories and laugh out loud until we were home.
In the bus, going back to the orphanage.
Before going home, at Bakery & More, Bewar, Ruwayda, Sazan, & I having "Zaetar & cheese"  It was really good.
Also Blogging about our trip.

Now, I want to take a moment to thank everyone in the Erbil International Airport for making this day happen. With their help, we made a dream come true. Thank you for everything.

Thank you Bewar Rwandzi, Sazan Mandalawi, and Ruwayda Mustafa for being so great and inspiring to me and the kids. 

Thank you little kids for the happiness you bring to our hearts each and every moment. 

And of course, thank you everyone on Twitter, with your attitudes and opinions, you lifted our spirits. 

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you..