Mar 29, 2012

A Special Day at the Orphanage

A few days ago, I was sitting alone trying to put a few words on paper, and thinking about my niece and nephews, those who mean the world to me, those who add colors to my world. Almost most of them live far away from me so I don’t get the chance to see them growing day after day.

I missed them so much, so to feel better I started writing poetry "The Small Voices" about my niece and nephew, and happily it did work.

Luckily beside writing, I have a remedy for this problem in particular. It's my special place and special little buddies, those whom I consider my other niece and nephews, those who are taking a very special place in my heart; they are the little kids living at the orphanage.

Speaking about children, today afternoon with friends, Bewar and Nawroz we visited that special place called the "orphanage". In my dictionary, it's the place of the shining little stars.

Typically of course we had to suffer a bit with them, but even the pain is sweet.

After a long walk on Shorsh Street, my favorite street in Hawler, with Bewar and Nawroz while drops of rain were falling down, smoothly hitting the ground in the sunny day, and the breeze touching our face, we made it to Mali Xanda orphanage.

I have to admit that someone's place was missing, the picture would have completed perfectly if Saz was with us!

We had the chance to meet the older ones and talk about some of the difficulties they have with school. The good news is, my university, university of Kurdistan-Hawler is planning to initiate "Sunshine homework club" which will start next week. This club is made of volunteers of both UKH staff and student, and happily I'm part of it.

We as group of volunteers will visit the kids every Thursday afternoon to help them with their studies, plus doing some activities like sports, music, story-telling, arts, etc.

The kids were very happy with the idea, seems like we will have a good time teaching. :)

The best part like always is the part when I go to see my little buddies Daroon, Ala, Esra, Aya, Hama, and others. There isn't a time that I just didn’t love every second of spending time with them! Everything about them is special, their big smiles, their tiny little bodies, their small voices, the way they dress, the way they talk, and how about their naughtiness?!

Aya is number one naughty among them, when I see her, I just don't know exactly what to save! My bag? My glasses? My phone? Or my camera?! I can't tell..

 She wants everything and she doesn’t give you a chance to give one, she has to have them all at once. She really has to make me suffer; I guess this is just part of her exceptional gift to me.

We had a good time playing with them, telling stories, and taking lots and lots of pictures. Though the time we spent with them was short, but every minute of it is going to be rooted in my memory.

It's just difficult to go there and come out frowning; you got to put a big smile on your face, look up to the sky, and remind yourself of how lucky you are to have those kids as part of your life. Every minute with them is a minute of joy, hope, and laugher; they just bring meanings to life.

Me with the kids, we were quite busy playing games.
Some of the paintings made by them.
Small sizes, their shoes.
She asked me to take a photo of her while she is dancing! She is always moving.
She was too shy to let me take a photo of her!