Jun 21, 2012

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Little differences, but they leave in the heart biggest impressions.

That exactly, describes my special day with the most amazing little faces and friends at Mali Xanda. June 20, 2012 is a day to remember forever. 

Sazan, Ruwayda, Nawroz, and I were able to deliver the largest amount of presents so far to the kids at the orphanage through donations made outside Kurdistan. And hopefully, the number will increase even more by the coming year due to your dedication out and inside Kurdistan.

 I am not going to say much in a day like this; therefore, I will go directly to share with you some photos speaking for some precious moments.

The photos are taken, in other words stolen :)  from Sazan's Twitter, (Unfortunately, due to excitement, I forgot completely to take my camera with me!). 

 Special thanks to all the Kurds and everyone else in every corner of this world for bringing about joy, laugher, and smile to the face and the  heart of those kids. Your efforts are highly appreciated. Thank you for sharing, for caring and for donating your time and money for this event, for this cause and for the sake of a better Kurdistan. 

And certainly a special thanks goes to Ruwayda, for putting her enormous efforts in informing the outside world about those the orphans at Mali Xanda and facilitating the event. She is great!

Ruwayda opening the boxes.

Sorting out the presents.
More presents. Do you realize how happy the kids were to see these presents? 
After sorting out the presents, heading to hand them to the kids.

More photos to come soon.