Jul 15, 2012

The little me :)

Have you been to one of those moments when you wanted so bad to remember yourself when you were little?

Perhaps many of us have been there, and I am not exceptional.

I have always been keen to the stories of my own childhood, I still listen to my sisters and parents passionately when they sit and talk about the little me, and I try hard to picture myself in accordance with the stories I hear. 

Since we have moved countless times, from one city to another because of political reasons, we have lost all the individual and family pictures. The only photos we have now, are the ones taken after 2004 when we moved back to Hawler.

It wouldn't be a lie if I said I would feel tremendously jealous when I would see a childhood picture of someone; wishing I had it too.

There were times, when I would sit and close my eyes trying to remember what I was like, and the things I liked most back then. But, that never was an easy task to me, as my life has always been very adventurous and things have always been changing rapidly that keeping count of the things wasn't easy at all.  A typical Kurdish life. 

Until a few days ago.

Last week, my sister  asked me & my siblings to help her with moving. And so at her place, I found the treasure of my childhood, something I have been wishing to have very long ago.  

While I was looking at the photos of my sister with my niece during the times when she was a college student (that's like some 20 years ago) and laughing out loud at her and how funny she looked, I found two of my photos in one of her old photo albums.

Me, who always have been wishing secretly in my heart to have a photo of my childhood, have finally found it! 

May be to many people, a picture doesn't mean much, but to me it certainly means everything. I believe this is why they are called picture, because they picture the memories, and what if the memory was a Kurdish one with so many hidden stories?

Like they say, "a picture is worth a thousand words" , to me the two childhood pictures I have found now are worth the whole world. 

Thanks to my lovely sister, now my childhood memories are complete. I can't wait to show them to my children in the future. :)

You might now wonder why is it my sister still have her old photos with her, but the rest of the family don't. Because my sister got married long ago and so she didn't have to go through countless journeys with the rest of the family. She was left with her husband at her home safe & secure, unlike so many Kurdish families.  

P.S. The two pictures carry within them so many precious stories, perhaps political ones as well, about love, Kurdish struggle and hope; that I hope someday I will speak for them with the amount of love and care they deserve to have. 
Me when I'm five years old
The woman behind me is my sister, she used to be like a mother to me.

Me & my brother Shallaw.
I think I am seven in this picture.