Jul 26, 2012

Welcome to Kurdistan Nature

If you are a Kurd or you have ever came across Kurdistan as a sightseers, then you must be familiarized with the fact that there is nothing more beautiful than the nature of Kurdistan.

The mountains standing firm with pride, the green lands, and the blue rivers take your breath away.

I have always believed that nature is the best cure for almost everything. If you are sad, bored from everyday life, and tired, go to a village, spend time with nature. Eat fresh baked bread, yogurt and tea in the morning. Go and climb the mountains, stand on the peaks and shout as loud as you can, say whatever you want the world to hear you saying. Watch the women as they manage to clean the house, cook, and farm side by side with their husbands. Listen to the stories old men tell every evening after dinner as they gather in circles to talk about interesting anecdotes of the old times. Stay late at night and stare at the sky as the moon shines upon you, surrounded by little stars as bright as they could ever be.

In the heart of nature, you realize the true meaning of a genuine life; far from the noise of the city, a simple peaceful life. Nature teaches you a lot more than you can ever imagine. It teaches you patience, it teaches you how to stay well connected with your spirit. It gives you strength, it prepares you for hardships and just like seasons,  it teaches you adaption.

And so I had the honor of experiencing little of all this with my Ruwayda and Nawroz, and kak Yad yesterday on a trip to different villages near by Hawler, capital of Kurdistan.

We didn't stay over for the night, neither did we stay in one particular village for long. What we did was spending a few hours in each village, introducing ourselves as a small organization. The purpose of the trip was to talk to locals, to get them sign up for the Child Benefit Campaign.

If you haven't heard of this campaign, then you need to know that the aim of the campaign is to propose to the government the idea of providing an amount of money (Salary) to each and every Kurdish child (under age 18) regardless to social classes. Ruwayda came up with this magnificent project.

Luckily, we were welcomed warmly in every house we knocked on the door. We had the pleasure of not only enjoying the spectacular view of the country-side, but also to get to know the locals and listen to their stories.

Going inside one of the villages.
Nature is leading here..

Cattle! hehe :)
You will just love the hospitality of majority in the villages.

He was guiding us to his house
In one of the house, explaining the purpose of the campaign.

I guess most of the pictures speak for themselves.
I loved the view from here.
Kak Yad, filming the kids. He was asking them to say their name and age out loud.
Look at her eyes,she is too beautiful.
This little girl was too funny.
Her name is Xanda, we were asking her to say her full name for some reason she kept saying her fathers name instead. We laughed so much about this. 
I like this one.
Photos taken by Nawroz.