Jan 15, 2013

We will add new colors to our sunset sky

A dreadful moment could bring you to the face of reality. 

There is so much to think about that sometimes I spend more time thinking than acting.
Day after day I become wiser, I understand my life better and try to connect my past to the present and the future.

A lot is happeing in life, and I do my best to keep up with them. I try to race with life and at times I attempt to stop to grasp the beauty of understanding it. I try to unlock the mysteries, to look and interpret the problmes from different angles.It gives a different flavor.

They often say to understand life, is to trick yourself. But I don't think it's true. I think we all need to spend more time with ourselves and think of the moments of joy and instants of sadness that come and pass so swiftly. Because those moments happen once in life, and I try to feel them to the fullest. 

One thing I know, life has plenty to offer.  

We may pass by people we have known for years, people we believed in, and they believed in us untill one day we see them again, we pass by them and pretend we never knew them. People we thought we couldn't live without, until reality slaped us on the face and taught us how to be able to say goodbye, how to hide tears and draw a smile on the face instead. 

Time passes and we pass by them again, except this time we no longer fake a smile or hide a tear. We smile because we have learnt the way of life.

We learn to forget, because forgetting is a gift. We learn to forgive because forgiveness is liberation. And we learn to dream because dreaming is the way of our existence.

We learn to grow, yet remain young. We learn to deal with problems because life has already skilled and trained us how to deal with them. At the same time there comes moments when we wrap ourselves in the arms of the loved ones like a child rolled up in her mothers' embrace because no matter how old we grow, we remain small in their eyes.

And so we keep going, we continue the walk. We continue to smile and dream because life doesn’t stop at one point. 

Who knows, may be someday we will say goodbye again to someone else and walk past them. But, we have learnt the art of forgetting. We will continue to walk, because all the way, we will meet new people. We will help the helpless. We will hear new stories and fill the pages of our diaries with new memories. We will add new colors to our sunset sky. We will continue to walk, because what we have experienced and seen are only few chapters of our lives, and there are more chapters to come. 


  1. When i read young Kurds thoughts - i am sure Kurdistan has a bright future.