Jan 2, 2014

World's one of the oldest heritage sites

Since I am home currently, basically doing nothing but writing my MA Thesis which hopefully I will be handing it on February 1st, I felt like coming to my blog and just writing a random post. 

 I usually like spending time watching sunset, and sometimes I just look at the stars and talk to the moon when I feel like taking a break (especially when I am supposed to study). But, this time I decided to blog instead and share with you  an aspect of our beautiful Kurdish culture. 

I am talking about Arbil Citadel. One of the world's oldest heritage sites, located in Kurdistan. 

I am not sure about the origins of the Citadel, but well according to my parents it goes back to some 6000 years ago. Of course the citadel has undergone developments to get to its current shape, and I believe at the moment there are renovations taking place inside the Citadel. If you haven't been to Arbil citadel yet, then you must visit it someday, you will love it, I promise. 

Anyhow, I have taken the below photos long ago, not too long though. I think it was summer 2011.

I believe the photos will speak for themselves so I am not going to say much.

Just enjoy. :)

The museum inside the Citadel
inside the Museum

Kurdish traditional clothes

Yup, that's me over there. 
Qala Antiques
On the wall inside the Museum.
In this shop, you will find every piece of Kurdish antiques. 
I actually don't know what this is for. 

Kurdish traditional hats for men
Textile machine 
Traditional lamps
Pieces of art hanged on the walls of the Museum 
Antique music box

Kurdish Jewelries 

Traditional vases 

Kurdish Samawar

Outside the Museum

Finally and truly,

"A nation's culture resides in the hearts and the in the soul of its people."  Gandhi