Jan 8, 2014

I choose to be like Lotus flower

We all have our shares of sorrow in this life.

We all have experienced bitter moments, and cried over things and people we have lost.

In the shadow of life, we have locked ourselves and decided to shut the world out. But, even if we spent centuries in the shadow of life, life won't come to hold our hands and guide us to the light, because life waits for no one.

Because life is on a mission and the mission requires it to be on  a continuous race with time. And the more we stay in the shadow, the more pain, regret, and disappointment we will bring to ourselves. 

As life races time, we grow old. And the more we grow, the more complicated life becomes. We all go through moments when we want to go back to childhood days, we yearn to laugh truthfully and conquer life with a child's pure heart. 

But, we can't go back and that's okay. 

Tell yourself today, I choose to be like Lotus flower. 

Just like how Lotus grows in gloomy ponds, I will grow in my difficult, troublesome days, because that's the only way for beauty to display itself.

Tell yourself,
Every morning, with the sunrise, like Lotus flower, I will open up to the world, put a smile on my face, pack my knowledge and modesty and shine up to the world around me. 

Tell yourself, 
Like Lotus flower, I will overlook all the ugly and unfair incidents that I come across everyday, and use them to nourish myself. I will see the good only.

Tell yourself, 
I am special because just like Lotus flower there is only one "me" out there in the world and I can touch the world around me by just being myself. 

Tell yourself,
I am going to be healthy, because Lotus represents health and long life. I want to live long, because I have been put on this world for a reason, to fulfill a task and I can't give up unless it's accomplished.

Tell yourself today,
I will live my life fully and choose to maintain purity and good intention no matter how hard the world pushes me to the circle of corruption, war, and hatred.

"Because Lotus is always clean and pure against the background of the dirty pond."